Monday, November 28

Walrus and Carpenter (hello, again)

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a few months. I'd say work has gotten away from me, but I say that every few months. I think it's time to come to terms with the fact that ever since I started working ... 4 years ago, my posts have become a lot more sparse. If you actually look at my post history, you can find out exactly when that was. I'll explain in another post what I've been doing in the meantime and what this blog will look like in the future, but for now, please enjoy this restaurant post! Everyone enjoys some yummy food, right? 


The Walrus and Carpenter was a restaurant that I wanted to go to during my first visit to Seattle, but it wasn't until recently that I actually made it. 

As an oyster lover, I really enjoyed the place! It's a tiny hole in the wall, but gorgeous decorated. I was seated at the bar and saw the cooking process first hand, which was very interesting to see what was done by hand and what was prepackaged. 

If I had any tips for visiting this place, it would be: 

1. Visit during off peak hours. Since the restaurant is so small, even a few small parties fill the space up. 

2. Go with a small party! Because I was only dining with one other individual, I was immediately seated at the bar. If I had others with me, I'd definitely be waiting for a few more minutes 

For starters, we got oysters! There's a great 50% off HH, but again, space would be a big issue at such a peak time. 

Next, we had the smoked salmon. I would not recommend this. While it was good, it was pulled straight from a package. In its place, definitely get the fried oysters. The couple next to me ordered this and it looked great! 

Lastly, because I would not leave without having dessert, the bread pudding. This is one of my favorite desserts and Walrus and Carpenter did not disappoint!

Monday, August 29

Cozy Cardigans

It should be no surprise that I absolutely love cardigans. For proof, just see here in my Work Staples Series and here with a Halogen Cardigan. But I recently discovered the chunky cardigan. 

Dress: H&M ($12.95)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($24.90)
Boots: Nordstrom ($99.95)

Please excuse the terrible picture, but I absolutely love this cardigan and had to share it. It goes well over dresses and skirts and even outfits with pants. This picture was taken when it was a bit warmer and I was rocking it with bare legs. 

I wore this cardigan 2 days in a row when I was recently in Florida for a conference. For all the lovely warm weather outside, it was freezing cold inside. I stayed warm with this guy! I love it when you know you made a really solid, useful purchase. 

Monday, August 8

Chicago Trip Recap Day 1 & 2

Like in the vein of my Seattle Trip and my Scotland Trip, I love recounting my vacations. It's basically another way to relive them over a full year ago, I went to explore Chicago for a few days. 

Thursday - 11/6/14 - Landing... and prompting sleeping

I had planned to land late in Chicago. With my flight delayed, my late flight became even later and I ended up reaching my hotel at 10pm, when most restaurants were closed or closing. With no dinner in my belly, I opted to order a deep dish pizza from Giordanos. Then, I watched a bit of golf and called it a night. 

Friday - 11/7/14 - Financial District, Miracle Mile, Cloud Gate

an indoor market
Friday was the day I had planned for most of my outdoor activities. After waking up in the morning, I made my way downtown to the financial center. While there were plenty of tall buildings, I didn't find it oppressive. In fact, I really like the city feel of it all. With waking up late, I ended up grabbing a waffle at a place called Wafel. It was a Liege style waffle, which I realized I had never had before... and it was delicious. From the financial district, I walked to the shopping area/Magnificent Mile. 

While I didn't get anything, I took in the sights of the festive stores and large crowds--that's just a scene you don't get in Phoenix. Eager to try some hot dogs, I ventured into the fast food joint called America's Dogs. This place featured about 20 hot dogs based on the traditions of major US cities. This was when I realized I was a NY girl at heart, because I ended up with a NY Dog. 

After the lunch pitstop, I made my way to Millennium Park. This is where the infamous Bean is. I actually really like the park. It was a bit smaller than I imagined (or at least all the lankmarks were pretty close together). It definitely seemed like a lovely place to hang out if it wasn't super cold outside. From there, I walked to the museums to get to them right at closing time... oh well! I took a few pictures of the scenery. 

After a day of walking, I realized that it had also gotten progressively colder and colder. my feet were tired. My skin was cold and dry from the wind. A yelp search and a few blocks later, I found myself myself in a lovely warm restaurant, resting my aching feet and with this delicious bowl in front of me. I had an entire hotpot all to myself at Tamarind. This was so much food and it was so delicious.

Friday, July 22

My Hairstyle Evolution

Long hair, to me is safe. Not because I hide behind it, but because it's heavy enough to dry straight, so I never have to brush it. But I've been wanting something different. Some of you can already tell that I cut my hair quite a bit! 

It went from quite long... 

To long, but tamed.


That last picture is actually from December of 2014! I have maintained my short hairstyle for most of 2015 and 2016, but now it's nearing shoulder length and I want some new inspiration! 

What's next is of course the long bob. It's been on every celebrity. See here on the most banal celebrity. (I say banal, but I mean no offense because she looks awesome here.)

Maybe next time I'll get some color in my hair for the first time... 

Monday, June 27

Philosophy Review

I was introduced to Philosophy when I was obsessed with soaps and bath gels. I am fairly thrifty person... and I can't believe that there was a time in my life that I would consider spending $16 on bath gels. Bath gels with no special moisturizing, exfoliating, or skincare properties. (I say this, but I recently wandered back into a Lush and wanted to spend about $20 on a very small bottle of body wash.)

I spontaneously purchased these items, so I figured, why not write what I feel about them? 

Fresh Cream Body Polishing Scrub - This makes me remember why I thought about buying obscenely expensive body washes -- the scent. The lotion smells super incredibly sweet and creamy. It worked well as a moisturizer, but the selling point was the scent! 

Purity Facial Cleanser - This stuff is great. I can definitely see why it is a holy grail for so many. It is gentle enough to use around the eye area, removes my makeup effectively and doesn't make my face feel dry. 

Monday, June 20

My Top Four Dream Travel Destinations

As I was growing up, I always felt like such a traveler. My family visited China every summer, so I felt incredibly exotic. I could speak another language and I've been somewhere that took a 10 hour plane ride. But as I grew older, I realized I hadn't really traveled at all. Sure, I've been across an ocean and to another continent, but it was only that one country. And only one city. 

While my peers not only traveled but lived all across the world, I quickly fell behind on my traveling. Truth is, I don't have the guts to rough it. Nor do I want to. I'd love to do luxury travel, but I barely have the money to travel at all. Anyways, here's a list of places that I'd love to visit: 

1. New Zealand & Australia 

Hobbits, scenery, culture and animals! To me, this is such an exotic part of the world. I don't even really know what I'd do here, but I know, for sure that there's tons of things to see. I'd love to try the cuisine, visit the cities and the desert!

2. Russia 

I've always wanted to visit Russia. It's an unusual mix of European and Asian. I've always loved Russian history and would love to go see all the landmarks that I learned about in school. The Russian culture is so rich. 

3. Italy 

I've been to Italy once but there are so many cities that we left out of my trip. I'd love to visit and explore Rome, Venice and the Vatican.

4. Greece

Recently, I've seen some bloggers and vloggers hit up Greece. The scenery looks so picturesque! You already know that I'm a huge fan of culture and history, so Greece is an obvious choice for me! Between Athens and Santorini, there's so much learning and relaxing to do. 

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

Monday, May 23

How to Find a Job Post Graduation

Too often, students do well in school and forget why they are there in the first place--to find a job. Graduation dawns all too fast and these students are left in limbo, often moving back home since they don't have anything prepared. In order to graduate with a job, keep these tips in mind. 

 1. Know what you want to do.  I know. I know. This is no easy charge. But starting your job search in your last year of university is far, far too late. You should be looking at internships the moment you enter college. Granted, these internships may not be able to support you, but try to make whatever position you take during school relate to your field. I know it's great to enjoy a summer off, but a summer off between when you graduate and when you start working is MUCH more relaxing. 

 2. Actually apply for jobs. I've also heard of students who have graduated complain that they don't get many callbacks, even though they've been applying for jobs all week. How many did they apply for? 5. At a certain point, you should really just be churning these applications out! A better goal is 15... per day. Remember, we not only want one job, but options to pick between. 

 3. Get a Plan B - that doesn't involve more school. There are a lot of people who pursue more school because they are good at it. It's great to do something that you love, but I think we need to keep a payday at the end of the tunnel in mind. It's not that jobs in academia aren't available, but whenever I've seen it, it's been rare. Don't go to get more school because that's what you've always done. Sometimes, we may need to take a position that's not ideal... to wait for something more appropriate to come along. If anything, you may discover a new passion or realize that your original idea is exactly the path you're meant to be on.e 

 After doing all this... you still may not get an offer. Everyone's situation is different. Not everyone wants to settle for the first job they find. Some people need to move to find gainful employment. Others are underemployed. I've seen it too, where bright, intelligent and hardworking students can't find jobs for reasons unexplained. Rest assured. Keep trying; it's not just you.